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This website is about a family who against all odds survived the tsunami of 26th December 2004.

It is very important not to forget the devastation, loss of life and the breaking up of families that this tsunami has caused, This particular family are related to me by way of my brothers marriage, they have lost everything, they can't even prove who they are.

My sister in law, Yufrita, is the eldest of the girls and it was her strength that saved my two nephews and her grandmother.

The Family Together, all of them survived the tsunami
My Sister-in-Law Yufrita holds Fabian as Adam looks on
My Sister in Law , Yufrita, on Her Wedding Day

Aerial Photographs of Banda Aceh

Their House in Banda Aceh

The Town of Banda Aceh

Museum of Rumah Cut Nyak Dhien

Newspaper and TV Articles

The Edinburgh Evening News Article 24/02/2005

The Edinburgh Evening News Article 26/05/2005