Their House in Banda Aceh

Before and afer photographs, those on the left were taken in May 1999, and on the right 3 weeks after the tsunami struck. The house is 5 kilometers from the coast but the water still came up 2 and a half meters. Because of the earthquakes, the family were all outside.

This is a view from the road up the front drive, note the white painted metal gates on very substantial gate posts, you can see where they ended up at the left and right sides of the after photograph.

Another view of the front drive, but from the house end, note the body in the forground of the after photograph, one of the several poor souls who came to rest in the garden.

The front of the house, the chairs and the coloured awning over the front door are in preparation for my brothers wedding the next day, the poor old tree's lost a few leaves and branches.